The Eighties

I hope you enjoy this collection of photos from the 1980s, including my time with Mason Profitt, Dolly Parton and Ever Call Ready.

Al Perkins and Dolly Parton

Al Perkins with Dolly Parton

Terry Talbot from Mason Proffit

AP with Terry Talbot (Mason Proffit) at Magic Mountain CA.

Ever Call Ready

Ever Call Ready promotional photo

Al Perkins

Al Perkins in the studio

Al Perkins and Bob Rissi

Al Perkins with Bob Rissi (Risson Amps)

Al Perkins and Chris Hillman

Al Perkins and Chris Hillman

Al Perkins

Al Perkins promotional photo

Al Perkins

Al Perkins performing on a TV special

Dan Fogelberg and Al Perkins

Al Perkins with Dan Fogelberg

What others have said ...

"... Al Perkins could play a pedal steel and sound as good as every great guitar player alive ..."

Stephen Stills on the Manassas 'Pieces' album liner notes.

"You play a style like no other ... and very soulful!"

'Doc' Watson at a Merle Watson Festival following a performance with Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers.

"The most influential dobro player in the world."

Gibson Guitar Corporation


Rodney Crowell, co-Producer of Jim Lauderdale's 'Planet of Love' album

"He is the best country-rock guitarist I've heard!"

Clarence White to L.A. manager Ed Tickner after Al and Clarence performed together in the early seventies.

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