My Discography

These are the albums I have been blessed with appearing on in my career..

Ambrosia<BR>Somewhere l've Never Travelled (1976)

Somewhere l've Never Travelled (1976)

Tori Amos<BR>From the Choirgirl Hotel (1998)
Tori Amos

From the Choirgirl Hotel (1998)

Pete Anderson<BR>Working Class (1994)
Pete Anderson

Working Class (1994)

Ark<BR>... The Angels Come (1979)

... The Angels Come (1979)

David Ball<BR>Play (1999)
David Ball

Play (1999)

Vince Bell<BR>Texas Plates (1999)
Vince Bell

Texas Plates (1999)

Michael Brewer<BR>Beauty Lies (1983)
Michael Brewer

Beauty Lies (1983)

Garth Brooks<BR>Sevens (1997)
Garth Brooks

Sevens (1997)

John Bunzow<BR>Stories of The Years (1995)
John Bunzow

Stories of The Years (1995)

Solomon Burke<BR>Nashville (2006)
Solomon Burke

Nashville (2006)

Burning Daylight<BR>Burning Daylight (1997)
Burning Daylight

Burning Daylight (1997)

Shawn Camp<BR>1994 (1991)
Shawn Camp

1994 (1991)

Steve Camp<BR>Justice (1993)
Steve Camp

Justice (1993)

Kate Campbell<BR>Songs From the Levee (1995)
Kate Campbell

Songs From the Levee (1995)

Kate Campbell<BR>Moon Pie Dreams (1997)
Kate Campbell

Moon Pie Dreams (1997)

Hayes Carll<BR>Trouble In Mind (2008)
Hayes Carll

Trouble In Mind (2008)

Bruce Carroll<BR>Sometimes Miracles Hide (1991)
Bruce Carroll

Sometimes Miracles Hide (1991)

Cher<BR>Take Me Home (1979)

Take Me Home (1979)

Gene Clark <BR>Two Sides To Every Story (1977)
Gene Clark

Two Sides To Every Story (1977)

Gene Clark<BR>The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982 (2016)
Gene Clark

The Lost Studio Sessions 1964-1982 (2016)

Leonard Cohen<BR>Death of a Ladies' Man (1977)
Leonard Cohen

Death of a Ladies' Man (1977)

Elizabeth Cook<BR>This Side Of the Moon (2005)
Elizabeth Cook

This Side Of the Moon (2005)

Rita Coolidge<BR>The Lady's Not for Sale (1972)
Rita Coolidge

The Lady's Not for Sale (1972)

Rita Coolidge<BR>Anytime Anywhere (1977)
Rita Coolidge

Anytime Anywhere (1977)

Rita Coolidge<BR>Fall into Spring (1974)
Rita Coolidge

Fall into Spring (1974)

Rita Coolidge<BR>It's Only Love (1975)
Rita Coolidge

It's Only Love (1975)

The Country Gazette<BR>Don't Give Up Your Day Job (1973)
The Country Gazette

Don't Give Up Your Day Job (1973)

The Cox Family<BR>Amazing Grace II (1997)
The Cox Family

Amazing Grace II (1997)

Andra<BR>This is Another Day (1977)

This is Another Day (1977)

Iris DeMent <BR>Infamous Angel (1992)
Iris DeMent

Infamous Angel (1992)

Iris DeMent <BR>My Life (1993)
Iris DeMent

My Life (1993)

Iris Dement<BR>Sing The Delta (2012)
Iris Dement

Sing The Delta (2012)

Brigitte DeMeyer<BR>Red River Flower (2009)
Brigitte DeMeyer

Red River Flower (2009)

John Denver<BR>Flower That Shattered the Stone (1990)
John Denver

Flower That Shattered the Stone (1990)

Desert Rose Band<BR>Life Goes On (1993)
Desert Rose Band

Life Goes On (1993)

Michael Dinner<BR>The Great Pretender (1974)
Michael Dinner

The Great Pretender (1974)

Dolly Varden<BR>Forgiven Now (2002)
Dolly Varden

Forgiven Now (2002)

George Ducas<BR>Where I Stand (1997)
George Ducas

Where I Stand (1997)

Bob Dylan<BR>Knocked Out Loaded (1986)
Bob Dylan

Knocked Out Loaded (1986)

The Eagles<BR>On The Border (1974)
The Eagles

On The Border (1974)

Angela Easterling<BR>Blacktop Road (2009)
Angela Easterling

Blacktop Road (2009)

Tim Easton<BR>Special 20 (1998)
Tim Easton

Special 20 (1998)

Ever Call Ready<BR>Ever Call Ready (1985)
Ever Call Ready

Ever Call Ready (1985)

The Flying Burrito Brothers<BR>Last of the Red Hot Burritos (1972)
The Flying Burrito Brothers

Last of the Red Hot Burritos (1972)

The Flying Burrito Brothers<BR>Close Up The Honky Tonks (1974)
The Flying Burrito Brothers

Close Up The Honky Tonks (1974)

Dan Fogelberg<BR>Souvenirs (1974)
Dan Fogelberg

Souvenirs (1974)

Dan Fogelberg<BR>Captured Angel (1975)
Dan Fogelberg

Captured Angel (1975)

Dan Fogelberg<BR>The Innocent Age (1981)
Dan Fogelberg

The Innocent Age (1981)

Dan Fogelberg<BR>High Country Snows (1985)
Dan Fogelberg

High Country Snows (1985)

Steve Forbert<BR>Rocking Horse Head (1996)
Steve Forbert

Rocking Horse Head (1996)

Foxx<BR>The Revolt of Emily Young (1970)

The Revolt of Emily Young (1970)

Richie Furay<BR>Dance A Little Light (1978)
Richie Furay

Dance A Little Light (1978)

Richie Furay<BR>I've Got A Reason (1976)
Richie Furay

I've Got A Reason (1976)

Jimmy Dale Gilmore<BR>Spinning Around The Sun (1993)
Jimmy Dale Gilmore

Spinning Around The Sun (1993)

Andrea Glass<BR>Stood Under Stars (2008)
Andrea Glass

Stood Under Stars (2008)

Great Plains<BR>Homeland (1996)
Great Plains

Homeland (1996)

Emmylou Harris & the Nash Ramblers<BR>Live at the Ryman (1992)
Emmylou Harris & the Nash Ramblers

Live at the Ryman (1992)

Emmylou Harris<BR>Cowgirl's Prayer (1993)
Emmylou Harris

Cowgirl's Prayer (1993)

Alex Harvey<BR>Alex Harvey (1971)
Alex Harvey

Alex Harvey (1971)

Bill and Bonnie Hearn<BR>Diamonds In The Rough (1997)
Bill and Bonnie Hearn

Diamonds In The Rough (1997)

Chris Hillman<BR>Desert Rose (1984)
Chris Hillman

Desert Rose (1984)

Chris Hillman<BR>Morning Sky (1982)
Chris Hillman

Morning Sky (1982)

Chris Hillman<BR>Slippin' Away (1976)
Chris Hillman

Slippin' Away (1976)

Randy Howard<BR>I Rest My Case (2003)
Randy Howard

I Rest My Case (2003)

Carl Jackson & John Starling<BR>Spring Training (1987)
Carl Jackson & John Starling

Spring Training (1987)

James Gang<BR>Newborn (1975)
James Gang

Newborn (1975)

Johnson Brothers<BR>Passage (1981)
Johnson Brothers

Passage (1981)

Mickey Jones<BR>She Loves My Troubles Away (1978)
Mickey Jones

She Loves My Troubles Away (1978)

Wynonna Judd<BR>The Other Side (1997)
Wynonna Judd

The Other Side (1997)

Richard Julian<BR>Smash Palace (1998)
Richard Julian

Smash Palace (1998)

Miranda Lambert<BR>Palomino (2022)
Miranda Lambert

Palomino (2022)

Charlie Landsborough<BR>Still Can't Say Goodbye (1999)
Charlie Landsborough

Still Can't Say Goodbye (1999)

Jim Lauderdale <BR>Planet of Love (1991)
Jim Lauderdale

Planet of Love (1991)

Jim Lauderdale<BR>Persimmons (1996)
Jim Lauderdale

Persimmons (1996)

Jim Lauderdale <BR>Honey Songs (2008)
Jim Lauderdale

Honey Songs (2008)

Jim Lauderdale<BR>Patchwork River (2010)
Jim Lauderdale

Patchwork River (2010)

Jim Lauderdale<BR>Point Of No Return: The Unreleased 1989 Recordings (2001)
Jim Lauderdale

Point Of No Return: The Unreleased 1989 Recordings (2001)

Jim Lauderdale<BR>I'm A Song (2014)
Jim Lauderdale

I'm A Song (2014)

Lilyphone<BR>Lilyphone (2006)

Lilyphone (2006)

Love Song<BR>Final Touch (1974)
Love Song

Final Touch (1974)

Patty Loveless<BR>On Your Way Home (2003)
Patty Loveless

On Your Way Home (2003)

Patty Loveless<BR>Sleepless Nights (2008)
Patty Loveless

Sleepless Nights (2008)

Ruby Lovett<BR>Ruby Lovett (1998)
Ruby Lovett

Ruby Lovett (1998)

Phil Madeira<BR>3 Horse Shoes (2000)
Phil Madeira

3 Horse Shoes (2000)

Manassas<BR>Manassas (1972)

Manassas (1972)

Manassas<BR>Down the Road (1973)

Down the Road (1973)

Manassas<BR>Pieces (2009)

Pieces (2009)

Jay Dee Maness & Lloyd Green<BR>Journey To The Beginning (2018)
Jay Dee Maness & Lloyd Green

Journey To The Beginning (2018)

Joey Martin<BR>Strong Enough To Cry (1989)
Joey Martin

Strong Enough To Cry (1989)

Sarah McClurg<BR>Tennessee Rain (2010)
Sarah McClurg

Tennessee Rain (2010)

Dan McCorison<BR>Dan McCorison (1977)
Dan McCorison

Dan McCorison (1977)

Michael McGinnis<BR>Rodeo Gypsies (1973)
Michael McGinnis

Rodeo Gypsies (1973)

Roger McGuinn<BR>Peace On You (1974)
Roger McGuinn

Peace On You (1974)

Barry McGuire<BR>C'Mon Along (1976)
Barry McGuire

C'Mon Along (1976)

Ken Mellons<BR>Where Forever Begins (1995)
Ken Mellons

Where Forever Begins (1995)

Buddy Miller<BR>Your Love and Other Lies (1995)
Buddy Miller

Your Love and Other Lies (1995)

Buddy Miller<BR>Poison Love (1997)
Buddy Miller

Poison Love (1997)

Buddy Miller<BR>Cruel Moon (1999)
Buddy Miller

Cruel Moon (1999)

Morning<BR>Morning (1970)

Morning (1970)

David Munyon<BR>Acrylic Teepees (1999)
David Munyon

Acrylic Teepees (1999)

Michael Martin Murphey<BR>Storm Over The Rangeland (2005)
Michael Martin Murphey

Storm Over The Rangeland (2005)

Ryan Murphey<BR>Ruby Red (1998)
Ryan Murphey

Ruby Red (1998)

JF Murphy & Salt<BR>JF Murphy & Salt (1972)
JF Murphy & Salt

JF Murphy & Salt (1972)

The Mystics<BR>Fried Bacon Crisp [single] (1963)
The Mystics

Fried Bacon Crisp [single] (1963)

Willie Nelson / Patsy Cline<BR>[Unreleased] (1990)
Willie Nelson / Patsy Cline

[Unreleased] (1990)

Michael Nesmith<BR>Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma (1970)
Michael Nesmith

Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma (1970)

Michael Nesmith<BR>Live at the Palais (1978)
Michael Nesmith

Live at the Palais (1978)

Randy Newman <BR>Good Old Boys (1974)
Randy Newman

Good Old Boys (1974)

Juice Newton<BR>Ain't Gonna Cry (1989)
Juice Newton

Ain't Gonna Cry (1989)

Danni Nicholls<BR>A Little Redemption (2013)
Danni Nicholls

A Little Redemption (2013)

Paul Overstreet <BR>Living by the Book (2001)
Paul Overstreet

Living by the Book (2001)

Dean Owens<BR>Whisky Hearts (2007)
Dean Owens

Whisky Hearts (2007)

Richie Owens<BR>Music From The Farm Bureau (2008)
Richie Owens

Music From The Farm Bureau (2008)

Pacific Steel Co.<BR>Pacific Steel Co. (1978)
Pacific Steel Co.

Pacific Steel Co. (1978)

Gram Parsons<BR>G.P. (1973)
Gram Parsons

G.P. (1973)

Gram Parsons<BR>Grievous Angel (1974)
Gram Parsons

Grievous Angel (1974)

Gram Parsons<BR>Sleepless Nights (1976)
Gram Parsons

Sleepless Nights (1976)

Gram Parsons Tribute<BR>Notebook: The Last Whippoorwill (2000)
Gram Parsons Tribute

Notebook: The Last Whippoorwill (2000)

Dolly Parton<BR>Rainbow (1987)
Dolly Parton

Rainbow (1987)

Dolly Parton<BR>Dolly Dolly Dolly (1980)
Dolly Parton

Dolly Dolly Dolly (1980)

Dolly Parton<BR>Here You Come Again (1977)
Dolly Parton

Here You Come Again (1977)

Dolly Parton<BR>Hungry Again (1998)
Dolly Parton

Hungry Again (1998)

Dolly Parton<BR>Precious Memories (1999)
Dolly Parton

Precious Memories (1999)

Tom Paxton<BR>Wearing The Time (1994)
Tom Paxton

Wearing The Time (1994)

Tom Paxton<BR>Looking for the Moon (2002)
Tom Paxton

Looking for the Moon (2002)

Tom Paxton<BR>Comedians & Angels (2008)
Tom Paxton

Comedians & Angels (2008)

Michael Pedersen<BR>Southwest (1976)
Michael Pedersen

Southwest (1976)

Al Perkins<BR>Snapshots (2002)
Al Perkins

Snapshots (2002)

Al Perkins<BR>Triple Play (2003)
Al Perkins

Triple Play (2003)

Al Perkins<BR>Big Dog 3 (2009)
Al Perkins

Big Dog 3 (2009)

Billy Preston<BR>The Kids and Me (1974)
Billy Preston

The Kids and Me (1974)

John Prine<BR>In Spite Of Ourselves (1999)
John Prine

In Spite Of Ourselves (1999)

John Prine<BR>For Better Or Worse (2016)
John Prine

For Better Or Worse (2016)

Jon Randall<BR>What You Don't Know (1995)
Jon Randall

What You Don't Know (1995)

Jon Randall<BR>Willin' (1999)
Jon Randall

Willin' (1999)

Jon Randall<BR>[Unreleased] (1996)
Jon Randall

[Unreleased] (1996)

Terry Reid<BR>Seed Of Memory (1976)
Terry Reid

Seed Of Memory (1976)

Robert Reynolds<BR>Audrey In A Dream (2002)
Robert Reynolds

Audrey In A Dream (2002)

Julie Roberts<BR>Julie Roberts (2004)
Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts (2004)

Rick Roberts<BR>She is a Song (1973)
Rick Roberts

She is a Song (1973)

Rick Roberts<BR>Windmills (1972)
Rick Roberts

Windmills (1972)

Kenny Rogers & the 1st Edition<BR>Transition (1971)
Kenny Rogers & the 1st Edition

Transition (1971)

Kenny Rogers & the 1st Edition<BR>Tell It All Brother (1971)
Kenny Rogers & the 1st Edition

Tell It All Brother (1971)

Kenny Rogers & the 1st Edition<BR>Greatest Hits (1995)
Kenny Rogers & the 1st Edition

Greatest Hits (1995)

The Rolling Stones<BR>Exile on Main St. (1972)
The Rolling Stones

Exile on Main St. (1972)

Josh Rouse<BR>Nashville (2005)
Josh Rouse

Nashville (2005)

Tom Rush<BR>Voices (2018)
Tom Rush

Voices (2018)

Doug Seegers<BR>Going Down To The River (2014)
Doug Seegers

Going Down To The River (2014)

Doug Seegers<BR>Sings Hank Williams (2017)
Doug Seegers

Sings Hank Williams (2017)

Allen Shamblin<BR>Sunrise (2003)
Allen Shamblin

Sunrise (2003)

Shiloh<BR>Shiloh (1970)

Shiloh (1970)

Michelle Shocked <BR>Short, Sharp, Shocked (1988)
Michelle Shocked

Short, Sharp, Shocked (1988)

Sixpence None The Richer<BR>Sixpence None The Richer (1997)
Sixpence None The Richer

Sixpence None The Richer (1997)

Jill Sobule<BR>Jill Sobule (1995)
Jill Sobule

Jill Sobule (1995)

Jill Sobule<BR>Happy Town (1997)
Jill Sobule

Happy Town (1997)

Naomi Sommers<BR>Gentle as the Sun (2009)
Naomi Sommers

Gentle as the Sun (2009)

Jo-El Sonnier<BR>Have a Little Faith (1990)
Jo-El Sonnier

Have a Little Faith (1990)

The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band<BR>The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band (1974)
The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band

The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band (1974)

The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band<BR>Trouble in Paradise (1975)
The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band

Trouble in Paradise (1975)

Michael Stanley<BR>Friends & Legends (1973)
Michael Stanley

Friends & Legends (1973)

Al Stewart<BR>Time Passages (1978)
Al Stewart

Time Passages (1978)

Shane Stockton<BR>Stories I Could Tell (1998)
Shane Stockton

Stories I Could Tell (1998)

Donna Summer<BR>Bad Girls (1979)
Donna Summer

Bad Girls (1979)

Sweethearts Of The Rodeo<BR>Restless (2012)
Sweethearts Of The Rodeo

Restless (2012)

Barry & Holly Tashian<BR>Ready for Love (1993)
Barry & Holly Tashian

Ready for Love (1993)

Barry & Holly Tashian<BR>Harmony (1997)
Barry & Holly Tashian

Harmony (1997)

James Taylor<BR>Gorilla (1975)
James Taylor

Gorilla (1975)

Pat Terry Group<BR>Songs Of The South (1976)
Pat Terry Group

Songs Of The South (1976)

Pat Terry Group<BR>Sweet Music (1977)
Pat Terry Group

Sweet Music (1977)

Evie Tornquist<BR>Unfailing Love (1981)
Evie Tornquist

Unfailing Love (1981)

The Tractors<BR>Fast Girl (2001)
The Tractors

Fast Girl (2001)

Various Artists<BR>Smoky Mountain Christmas (2005)
Various Artists

Smoky Mountain Christmas (2005)

Various Artists<BR>Down Home Praise (1983)
Various Artists

Down Home Praise (1983)

Various Artists<BR>God Loves Country Music: 12 Country Inspirational Favorites (2007)
Various Artists

God Loves Country Music: 12 Country Inspirational Favorites (2007)

Various Artists<BR>Hawaiian Luau (2008)
Various Artists

Hawaiian Luau (2008)

Joe Walsh<BR>Barnstorm (1972)
Joe Walsh

Barnstorm (1972)

Mike Ward <BR>High Lonesome Stranger (1998)
Mike Ward

High Lonesome Stranger (1998)

Watercolor<BR>Beautiful Mistakes (2002)

Beautiful Mistakes (2002)

Doc & Merle Watson<BR>Red Rocking Chair (1981)
Doc & Merle Watson

Red Rocking Chair (1981)

Tommy Womack<BR>Positively Na-Na (1998)
Tommy Womack

Positively Na-Na (1998)

The Woodys <BR>The Woodys  (1998)
The Woodys

The Woodys (1998)

The Woodys <BR>Teardrops & Diamonds (2004)
The Woodys

Teardrops & Diamonds (2004)

The Woodys <BR>Telluride To Tennessee (2005)
The Woodys

Telluride To Tennessee (2005)

Yuko Yamaguchi<BR>Fessey Park Rd (1998)
Yuko Yamaguchi

Fessey Park Rd (1998)

Yo La Tengo<BR>I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One  (1997)
Yo La Tengo

I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (1997)

Dwight Yoakam<BR>Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room (1988)
Dwight Yoakam

Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room (1988)

Dwight Yoakam<BR>lf There Was a Way (1990)
Dwight Yoakam

lf There Was a Way (1990)

Dwight Yoakam<BR>This Time (1993)
Dwight Yoakam

This Time (1993)